Success Stories


We’re Both Pleased!
– Justine5 star

QuoteiconFlexdermal has truly helped me with my stiff and sore shoulder. I love it. I’ve even given my cousin a tube to help her with her tennis elbow. It helped both of us.Quoteicon1

Kevin G.

Warm Feel And Pleasant Smell
– Kevin G.5 star

QuoteiconThe minute I rubbed Flexdermal on I felt a warming sensation. The smell was not harsh but pleasant. I could feel it begin to work tight away taking away the stiffness I feel every morning in my knees. I find it much easier to move around and can even can walk up the stairs without pain.Quoteicon1


Works Quickly And Smells Great
– Lizabeth5 star

QuoteiconFlexdermal rubs in easily, goes to work quickly and works well. It has a nice smell not a harsh chemical smell. Would recommend it.Quoteicon1

Marion P.

Joint Pain Relief Right Away
– Marion P5 star

QuoteiconI have arthritis in my fingers. I rub Flexdermal right on the jints that are hurting. The pain relief is immediate for me. I do have to rub it in several times during the day but it does help with the pain and the stiffness.Quoteicon1


Valued The Money
– Gus5 star

QuoteiconI’ve been using Flexdermal for 4 months and it definitely does the job. I get joint pain in my hands that make the simplest tasks very hard. Flexdermal is a bit pricey but valued it.Quoteicon1



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