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Osteoarthritis is a progressive disease of the joints, meaning symptoms may be mild when they first appear. In the early stages, those who have the condition might notice that their knuckles feel somewhat tender or that they have slightly stiff hips first thing in the morning. As time goes on and more joint damage occurs because of the “wear and tear” of everyday life, individuals often find their joint swelling, pain, and stiffness all get more severe.

Whether you have lost your “get up and go” because of your arthritis or you fear your days of being a weekend warrior may be coming to an end because of your Monday morning muscle pain and stiffness, chances are you would love to discover a way to reduce your discomfort. Sure, you have ice packs and heating bags, but they only deliver relief for a short time. On top of that, they don’t take away all of your pain.

Once you read the information about Flexdermal, you probably felt cautiously optimistic that you may have finally found a product that will actually work. You are intrigued by the descriptions of the cooling sensation the product delivers, and of course you like the fact that it’s formulated to soothe pain and reduce inflammation in both muscles and joints. There is one question you need a clear answer to before you decide whether or not to try the product, though: “Precisely how does Flexdermal work?”

Flexdermal is a potent combination of fast-absorbing natural key ingredients that were chosen because they can deliver fast results that last without causing any adverse effects or painful irritation!

The synergistic combination of the three main ingredients in the Flexdermal formulation can relieve joint and muscle pain in almost any target area of the body. We truly believe that you won’t find a more effective or more scientifically advanced topical muscle and joint pain reliever on the market today!

These key benefits of Flexdermal will ease muscle aches and diminish the severity of various osteoarthritis symptoms:

  • Disrupts the transportation of pain signals
  • Reduces discomfort by acting as a counterirritant
  • Lessens inflammation in aching joints and muscles

Flexdermal Can Deliver Dramatic Results by Interrupting The Transmission of Pain Signals Before They Reach Your Brain!

To understand the benefit of Flexdermal described above and why it is important, it is helpful to have some background information about why people feel pain. A joint that is inflamed or a muscle that has been worked too hard can be classified as a “pain source.” Signals are released from the pain source, and they are then transported by two different kinds of nerve fibers. The signals travel to the spinal cord, and ultimately make their way to the brain. When the brain receives these signals, it interprets them as pain, and the individual perceives discomfort at the pain source. This discomfort may be felt in the form of a severe, sharp pain or a dull ache. The important thing to remember is that for an individual to experience pain, the signals released from the pain source must travel all the way to the brain.

The menthol in Flexdermal disrupts the transportation of signals produced at the pain source to the brain. An inflamed joint or overworked muscle will still release pain signals, and these signals will still be carried by nerve fibers toward the spinal cord. When menthol is applied topically, however, it is believed to activate a third, different kind of nerve fiber, called an A-beta nerve fiber. When this fiber is activated, signals are prevented from traveling up the spinal cord. As a result, these pain signals are not carried to the brain, meaning the individual will not perceive soreness or aches in the target areas where menthol was topically applied.

The Counterirritant Effect of Flexdermal Can Calm and Ease Even Deep Pain in Muscles And Joints!

It has long been known that substances called counterirritants can reduce joint and muscle inflammation and pain. When a counterirritant is applied to the skin’s surface, it stimulates the nerve endings in the target area, causing a small amount of irritation and possibly minor inflammation. These may not sound like desirable effects.

However, counterirritants do have an important advantage: they have the power to cover and reduce deeper muscle and joint aches. It is also important to realize that a person will not experience severe pain after applying a counterirritant. Instead, counterirritants typically cause a sensation of warmth or coolness on the skin, which many individuals find quite pleasant.

There is a clinically optimized concentration of camphor in every tube of Flexdermal. Camphor is a counterirritant that is commonly used to alleviate muscle soreness and pain due to osteoarthritis. Users initially experience a cooling sensation when they apply camphor, and soon after become aware of a feeling of soothing warmth. The effectiveness of camphor as an analgesic has even convinced the FDA to approve it as a topical pain reliever.

Flexdermal Soothes Away Inflammation That Could be Worsening Your Muscle and Joint Pain!

Inflammation is a typical symptom of osteoarthritis. When the cartilage surrounding the body’s joints breaks down, the joint lining can become mildly, moderately, or even severely inflamed. Those who suffer from osteoarthritis may notice that the joints causing them pain also appear to be swollen. On a slightly different note, the soreness certain individuals experience after exercising is thought to be due to muscle inflammation. A possible cause of this inflammation is tiny tears in the muscle fibers. Given this information, it is not surprising that anti-inflammatories are considered a useful tool for relieving both muscle and joint pain.

Eucalyptus oil, one of the key ingredients in Flexdermal, has been subjected to rigorous scientific study and found to have anti-inflammatory effects. By alleviating swelling in problem areas, the eucalyptus oil in Flexdermal can heighten the pain-relieving properties of the camphor and menthol in this extraordinary penetrating rub.

Flexdermal is an amazingly powerful topical pain reliever that can rapidly soothe joint and muscle aches and relieve inflammation so you can lead the life you love!

Don’t allow joint tenderness or muscle soreness to keep you on the couch instead of out and about. Flexdermal is a simple, side-effect-free approach to regaining control of your body and living with less pain!



Because we’re so confident that you will experience explosive results too, we offer a 60-day, 100% money-back guarantee! Click here to find out how you can try Flexdermal risk free.

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